Jewelry protection by replication instead of retailoring to save assets.

When seniors get ill or injured, or their retirement plan didn't include final expenses, much less a process to protect what few assets that remain, the entire family pays a price.  Our ageing elderly sometimes won't give up a valued ring or other piece of jewelry for safekeeping, plus they can underestimate the honesty of nurses or caregivers. 

Why consider us as a replicator


We're already doing it

With just a picture, we can replicate valuable jewelry that can serve as stand in jewelry, even to the point of the wearer not knowing the difference between the real jewelry item and the replicant. Fact is, a 1.25 ct diamond is about the same cost of an average funeral, while the same size replacement is only $700 in Moissanite, that diffential covers the cost of a funeral. The 'real' diamond becomes part of the estate. (Our in-house jeweler is a Moissanite dealer) 


Caregiving makes our seniors vulnerable

Caregivers come into your home and have immediate access to all areas of the home and privacy disappears.  The caregiver is paid very little, works long hours, has very little oversight and it's literally impossible to keep an eye on 24/7. Therapists, visitors, family and strangers are considered quilty until proved guility  The good ones AND the bad ones alike are almost immune to prosecution, yet it may that they are given unequally access to this last asset available to the survivors. 


It doesn't hurt to ask, does it?

What's the cost for jewelry protection, how  do we make a decision and how do we work with you?  First, it's easy to talk to us and secondly it's easier to get answers.  Just send us images of the jewelry item and we'll get back to you soon. Will something sentimental for everyone.

Our network of jewelers are local, but from all over the nation and we'll connect you to the nearest replicator if you drop us a line!

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