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Whether you bring your old, used or inherited in, or we come to you, or you attend a jewelry makeover party....OR you have an online assessment with one of our designers...the enjoyment and affordability combined with the enjoyment of redesigning it...all fun.


You will benefit from the savings and new styling, but you can choose other friends, relatives, heirs...even your wedding party or heirs as recipients of the most important and symbolic physical elements of your life. 


Environmental damage and native populations exposed to the issues of gem and metal mining, as well as the donation of no longer wanted jewelry to Dressed for Success and others, make the recycling of your finest, valued jewelry an important social statement of your ethics and beliefs.

Your neighborhood Jewelers Understand Your Connection

When You Come Into The Store

In our store you can feel the importance we assign to your need to assess, consider, hear alternative ideas, learn about the latest jewelry fashions and have a trusted place to return to forever, where our experienced gemologists, metal workers and stylists are.

Maybe You Feel Online is Best

By mailing or bringing in a sample of your valued jewelry, we can schedule an appointed time that is best for you for a live and/or online appointment for your needs and ideas to be considered as a precursor to help you assess whether to do bring it all in.

Our Jewelry Tailors Can Come to You

Sometimes it feels daunting to visit a store with your jewelry and you feel vulnerable or just want privacy, so let us personalize your jewelry makeover by visiting your home*.  (*Minimum 'for fee' service. We charge no fee for jewelry parties or in-store personal consultations.) 

When Family, Heritage and the Continuum of Life is Important

Your personal items, and nothing is more personal than your jewelry can easily end up with someone other than you planned.  Restore, appraise and prepare your heirs to receive something special and very personal.

Why Honoring Others is Important

YOU, and only you know what's on your mind and you jewelry is your most personal heirloom, but your children, grandchildren and other heirs will know from you directly the value, importance and sentiment of the legacy you leave...let us help you prepare. They will be honored you cared.

Local, Personalized Concern, Service & Value...Jeweler's Care

It's great to do things as a party or group of friends, but the personal needs you feel are important to you, your jeweler is well aware of with every customer, every day. No matter what you choose, 'personal or party', it's always personal to us.

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a local Jewelry Retailoring Example, In-Store

This store has been doing makeovers for awhile now, and has found their aging and young customers responsive to the process, as well as an affordable - yet profitable - product and service offering.

More In-depth example, thank you niki Novello from cleveland

Already in progress...a much longer video from our client Cleveland Jewelry Designs customized, of course for the needs of our customer.

radical jewelry makeover party friends family jewelry party jewelry retailored redesigned

Invite a jeweler to a jewelry makeover home party - Facebook

Imagine You, Friends, Family Helping One Another Redesign Tired Jewelry?

With a home party, we come to your place,, party center... and everyone brings their old jewelry and one of our professional gemology, metallugy and jewelry design specialists review your jewelry and helps you find new ways to reuse, reconfigure, repurpose and make your own jewelry new, all over again.

For a get together, a shower, bachelorette party, birthday or any old reason, your besties all getting new jewelry from items, components, ideas together!  Call and ask us how! 

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